Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cooperation and Friendship

Autumn is a special time of year for the Earhart kids and staff.  Lots of excitement ... the changing seasons, Grandparent’s Day, Red Ribbon Week, Food Drive, and some shortened school weeks.  It’s a good time to practice our listening skills and work in small group activities.
           During counselor time the emphasis has been placed  on  cooperative  and friendship building skills.  As students learn to listen,  share, and cooperate with one another they also learn to balance their personal needs with the needs of others.  This is a critical step in preparing them for a lifetime of cooperative experiences and relationships.  When children learn to cooperate, they are building bridges not walls.
          You can help your child make friends by providing opportunities. Arrange play dates with other kids her age or enroll her in activities where they will have to interact with other children. With help, even kindergartners can call friends to arrange a play time or leave messages on answering machines. 
          Knowing how to listen, care and share are life enriching skills that requier practice for children of all ages and yes, even adults.